Friday, April 5, 2013

{Proud Momma}

Oh, that sweet girl of mine is a gem.

I am so proud of her and need a post to brag for a bit.

So, please excuse me while I do the overly proud... my child is the best..... Momma moment.

First off....

We were lucky to go to Regan's open house at school and see all of her hard work and hear how great she is doing in school!!!! {She has the best teacher!!!!}

Regan is learning about the Solar System at School so Hubs decided the next day that it would be a good idea to take a family field trip to the Griffith Observatory in LA.

This girl knows her solar system!!!
It was such a fun day!!!!
Regan received the Principal's honor roll again and we are SOOOO proud of her!!!!

Lastly..... and what I am most proud of her for is her HUGE heart......
The day before I had gone to the CHOC for the first time since Bubba passed and it was hard.
Regan had asked me why I went and I responded with "becuase that's what friends do.... even when it hurts." Fast forward to the next day at Regan's school. She is a best buddy with the special day students and she is AMAZING with them!!!


This sweet little friend of ours is SOOOO much like Bubba and I asked Regan if it was hard to do these things with her Buddy and she shrugged her shoulders and said "that's what friends do... even if it hurts mom." I couldn't hold back the tears. She makes me so proud and is such a STRONG girl.
Look at the way he is looking at her.... it just melts my heart. :)

I love my sweet little Regan and am so proud of her.
Thank you for enduring my proud Momma moment. ;)



sylviamyoung said...

I am sitting here with tears. She has such a great loving heart. You should brag about her!

Anonymous said...

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