Thursday, April 25, 2013

{9 years ago..........}

Nine years ago I was up late at night in pain….. Trying to decide if I should go to the hospital AGAIN.
My sweet little Regan did not want to come into this world when I wanted her to.
She held on with all her might.
When I hit 36 weeks I would go into my doctor’s office and CRY begging him to induce me and get this going already!!
I had Bubba at 32 weeks so anything after that felt like pure torture with Regan.
 I would sob to my poor doctor telling him that I could no longer lift Bubba’s wheel chair into my car and that it was a risk to me and the baby.
 He then would just laugh… boy he knew me to well.
Yes, I LOVE my OB.
His wife was Bubba’s eye surgeon and we seem to know everything about each other’s families.
 Shoot, I would be on the exam table and Hubs and the good Dr. would talking sports, laughing about work stuff… and then I would have to SUBTLY remind them that it was time to get down to business. ;)
I gained 60 pounds with her!!!! {I enjoyed the not being sick while pregnant thing a little too much with her.}
One night I woke Hubs up and told him that my water had broke and that IT WAS TIME!!!
I was so excited!!
Then the nurse that examined me softly said…”Ummmm… sweetie… you just peed yourself you’re not in labor.”
Yup that happened.
As I got closer to my due date I did EVERYTHING that people suggested….
Spicy food…
I drank castor oil {don’t… that’s all I have to say... just don’t}…
I walked on the beach every day…
We did EVERYthing…..
And that night it happened… I woke up to pain.
I debated whether or not to make Hubs take me to the hospital AGAIN…
I ended up deciding on the better to be safe than sorry route.
The nurse checked me and said “Ummm… sweetie… this isn’t REAL labor. You should just go home take some Benadryl and try to get some rest.”
WHAT do you mean NOT REAL LABOR!?!?!?
We went home…
I took Benadryl. {Yeah that wasn’t smart.}
And tried to rest.
It didn’t go away.
Luckily that day I had an apt. for a checkup with the good dr.
I went in TIRED, DONE, and a little drunk on Benadryl.
The good Dr. checked me and said “Yup, this baby is coming today! I will have the epidural waiting for you when you get to the hospital.”
In that moment I LOVED the good Dr.
It was happening!
It was the most amazing experience of my life.
{With Bubba’s birth it was scary… I was sick…he was sick... he was whisked away not breathing on his own… hubs didn’t get to cut the cord.}
Regan’s birth I was aware….
My nurse was from Texas… I mean come on… you can’t beat that!
I enjoyed every second of it {Ok, as much as you can.}
I was able to deliver her myself while watching in a mirror. {Pretty awesome!}
Hubs was able to cut the cord and hold his little girl right away.
It was perfect.
I am so grateful for April 26th….
 The day that I met my sweet girl and fell instantly in love.
She has forever changed my life, taught me, and been my shining star in the darkest moments.
Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl!!!
You mean the world to me!
I am so blessed and lucky to be your Mommy!
I would pee myself a hundred more times if it brought you to me! ;)
I love you to Bubba and back!


Tracy Jensen said...

Boy I didn't see that coming.....I almost did Pee!!! :) Love Regan....can't wait to celebrate her birthday with you! :)

Rochelleht said...

That is an AWESOME story and those pictures rock!!

Susan said...

What a sweet way to remember Regan's birth(day)!!
♬♪♬ Happy Birthday, Regan !! ♬♪♬ It's been so nice to get to know you through your mama's writings! You are an AMAZING girl! Wishing you fun and love on your Birthday and throughout the year!

sylviamyoung said...

Happy Birthday! I almost peed myself a few times, especially later in pregnancy! Thanks for sharing you story!