Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter and Spring Break

Easter was hard, as everything else has been, but we survived.
That seems to be the on going theme when asked how our holiday was...
"Well.... we survived."
I am grateful for my sweet little girl and that becuase of her I am forced to find and look for the Joy in everything.
I couldn't not put Bubba's basket out so I filled it with Winnie the Pooh stuff for Regan.
A simple reminder of her Bubba.


I turned Bubba's bow tie into a head band.
I needed to have my boy close to me On Easter. 

Sprink Break week was BUSY!
I asked Regan to make a list of everything that she wanted to do on Spring Break.
I think we got it all checked off. ;)
Park Day with friends! 
Art work 
Jon's Incredible Pizza!!!

Slip n slide fun!!
Day at the bay with friends. 
{The moms!}
A day at American Girl! 
Ms. Sherrie came with us and it was her first time.
{I don't know who had more fun... the girls or her! wink!}

Some serious shopping at Dylans Candy. :)

Lunch at the Farmer's Market at The Grove.....

and some sweets for the grown ups... WHAT!!?!?
Another day at the bay....
I mean come on you can't live just minutes away and not enjoy a beautiful day.

{Can you guess where we will be every day this summer??}

I will be wearing this sweet boy's hat all summer long. ;)
This picture gets me teary every time I look at it.
Our little buddy Kumaka has Spina Bifida and Regan and his big brother
 Kalani didn't want him missing out on all of the fun.
Regan held onto him while Kalani paddled them across the bay.
It was the sweetest thing.

My sweet little California girl!
We had a wonderful Spring Break!!We are so blessed to live in such a FUN place that has so many wonderful things to do. We are blessed to have so many wonderful friends that will play with us at the drop of a hat. I feel blessed that we were able to make so many wonderful memories together. I know all to well how important it is to live in the moment and not put it off until tomorrow. I am grateful that we lived each good day with Bubba to its fullest and I will continue to do the same with my sweet girl. She is already growing up way to fast and before I know it these moments will be few and far between. I am grateful for each and every smile that I am able to tuck away for a hard day. I am grateful for the comfort in knowing that my sweet boy wouldn't want it any other way. In my hardest, darkest moments it is the smile of my two amazing children that get me through. I am grateful for every chance I am given to put that smile on her face. ;)
I am blessed.
I choose Joy.
I choose Happiness.
I choose making memories.
I choose smiles.

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Rachel said...

Choosing Joy. That has been my theme for this year too. Many hard parts that I cannot blog about, but our God is still the same.

I love that you turned Bubba's bowtie into a headband. I love that he is still right there in all you do. Thankful that our heavenly Father gives us these blessings of moments and memories and salvation.