Tuesday, January 29, 2013

more Texas fun

Let me start off by thanking my family for not sending me any hate mail....

I know that these posts are taking longer than they would like .....

and well thanks for not making me feel bad about it.

That is one of the hard things about "my" grief.... getting easily distracted and not having the motivation to do things that I once did.

Yup, its pretty crummy and I am grateful for an understanding family becuase I know they want to see these pictures.

Love y'all!!!

{I'm warning y'all now this one is going to be LONG}

Where to begin........

When we got to Texas we arrived to SNOW.....

I am not a bad mom.......
we were not planning on
it being this cold. 
She did end up wearing more than a sweater I promise!!!!
I had to bum a coat off of my mom becuase us Sunny So Cal girls
just weren't ready for the weather. ;)
We were surrounded by love and family from the moment we walked through my Mama's door.
It was just what I needed. ;)
Coach, my step dad, is fighting Leukemia HARD and was
eduring Chemo while we were there.
His levels were really low so we didn't get to spend as much time with
him as we would have liked.
PLEASE keep Coach in your prayers. 
I'm just saying it now.... don't judge.
I just traveled from CA to TX and was a mess.
Shoot I'm tired, swolen, cried out face in most of these pics.....
So... don't jude this puffy crazy face of mine.
{hey, but I have on red lipstick!! ;) }

This is my BABY nephew!!!
 I was there when he was born.... he pooped on me...
and NOW... now he towers over me!!!!
I'm not sure I like this. 

Mys sister nancy made us all custim hats!!!
They are awesome!!
Ok, so this post went longer than I wanted it to and to be honest I could keep going!
We had so much fun!
I am so grateful for my family.
I seriously can't say it enough.... as crazy.... frustrating... and hard headed as we might all be...
we LOVE each other with all of our hearts and would do anything for each other.
I feel pretty blessed to have each one of them in my life.
OH, and guess what y'all.................
While I was in Texas...........
I rode a bull!
 {sister that has video better understand that if she knows
what's good for her it will NEVER be made public... EVER!} 


Susan said...

Don't apologize for not posting when you don't feel like it. Or for a swollen face and eyes. That's the reality of grief and no one is offended by it. We know that it inhabits every day, is not always pretty, and doesn't have a schedule it follows. The ambush grief is the worst, catching you off guard and unprepared. I still am praying for your healing, knowing that it takes a very long time and a lot of support from family and friends. I promise you that it won't always be this hard. I'm glad you have family to give that special support that no one else can give.
Sending cyber hugs to you, Jason and Regan.

sylviamyoung said...

You look fantastic, even with swollen face and exhaustion. I am kind of looking at these pictures thinking wow I would never look that nice after traveling. I love reading your blog thank you for always being so real and honest!