Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Eve

I have a long post about our first Christmas with our boy


I will save that for another day.

Today I want to catch up on the fun that we managed to have.

We made new traditions and held on tight to our girl.

It was hard


we did it.

Like I have said before.....

We did hard things all of the time for our boy

and now it is Regan's turn.

Christmas Eve started out with a new adventure with Nana and Pa Pa to an ice show at the Queen Mary.

Lots of new traditions this year.

It was COLD!!!!
I can't tell you how blessed to have these two people in my life!!!
I don't know that we could have SURVIVED Christmas with out them.


shawna zurmely said...

that ice slide is AWESOME! =) glad you guys made it through. you were in our hearts and prayers... well, you always are. :)

Susan said...

It's so wonderful to see you honoring Regan with these special times. She did have to stay in the shadows of her brother sometimes, but she did so willingly because she loved him. It IS her turn now and Bubba would be proud that she is getting special treatment....because he loved her just as much as she loved him. So glad you made it through the holidays and made some new traditions. I know friends and family will continue to help you get through 2013, knowing that it will still be hard for a long time yet. Still praying for your healing...