Sunday, December 2, 2012

{We survived}

When asked how our Thanksgiving went I answer....

"We survived."

Thanksgiving was never a holiday that Bubba much cared for.

He did NOT like having to sit at the table.

He did NOT like being stuck inside.

Lately, our Thanksgivings have been divided with Bubba being so sick.

I would stay home with our sick boy and Hubs would go with Regan.

So, I was grateful when Thanksgiving wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.

We decided to start new traditions this year.....

The first being.....
A 5K Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning! ;)

Team Bubba got our sweat on in honor of our sweet boy!
{Hubs had to work LATE so he sat this one out.}

I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful place even on cloudy days. ;)

After the 5K was done with it was time to get our eat on!
Regan and I were in charge in the table.

and of course Bubba was right there next to us.
We had several new visitors this year.... 
McKena Had to join us.

This sweet little friend and..... 
and her very special Mommy have become such an important part of our family. 
She is the one that took care of Bubba{and Uncle Bill} after his death.  She got him ready, cared for him lovingly, brought him my hugs every night, and made sure that he was perfect for his service. I will forever be grateful to her for her loving act of service for my boy. So, when we found out that this sweet single mother didn't have plans we told her that our table had plenty of room. This is a new tradition as well..... seeking out friends that are like family and having them at our table. ;)

Regan and I made a thankful tree and we all wrote down and read what we are thankful for.
{another new tradition.}

We were sung to by the talented Ema. ;)
Then we all headed over to the cemetery to see Bubba....

After some special time with Bubba we headed back and enjoyed some yummy sweets.
This Thanksgiving was a first.... a hard first BUT we survived and for that
I am thankful!


Tracy Jensen said...

Thank goodness for new traditions. Love you friend~

Rachel said...

I second Tracy! I love watching how God uses heartbreak and hard things to grow beautiful things. Like your new friends. God is still using Bubba to touch people.

Love you and glad your Thanksgiving was good.