Friday, December 14, 2012

Advent Calendar {part 2}

Day 6: Make a Ginger bread house and............
 have a dance PARTAY!

This was our first dance party in a LONG time.

Bubba was always my partner in our jam sessions.

I thought it was going to be so hard not holding my boy in my arms BUT

I think that day he was holding me in his becuase I was able to enjoy the smiles.

Day 7: Christmas party at church

Last Christmas Regan figured out the whole Santa thing so when it was time for her to go and sit on Santa's lap this is what we got...................... 
My sweet little 8 going on 16 year old wouldn't even sit on his lap for a picture.
"Mom, he's NOT Santa... he's old.... and I don't know him... why would I WANT to sit on his lap??"
Love her! 

Day 8: Go and decorate a Christmas tree for Bubba.
When we arrived to Bubba's grave we found this sweet gift that was left from Bubba's best buddy.
Such a kind and thoughtful thing for a sweet young man to do.
Hard doesn't even begin to describe this afternoon but again....
we survived. 
We were able to find so many of Bubba's favorites to include in HIS tree. 

Day 9: Regan taught us about Christ's birth.

Day 10: Regan baked with Nana
{No pictures.... boo}
To be continued..............

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Christine said...

Oh my word! I LOVE her thoughts on sitting on Santa's lap!