Monday, November 26, 2012

Need to be inspired one last time???

Alright friends.... it the final count down!!!

Team Bubba pillow case project is dead line is quickly coming up.

So, get those pillow cases in!!!! ;)

I can't wait to share with you the total.

Oh, it is awesome y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had an awesome Team Bubba pillow case project event in our Church gym.

It had been a VERY hard day for me.

I missed my sweet boy so much and kept breaking down all day.

It was so moving to show up and see how many love my boy and have been touched by him in some way.

We had sweet friends of Team Bubba stop by to drop off pillow cases that they have already made.......

and the rest of us got to work cutting, ironing, and sewing over 50 pillow cases in 2 hours!!!
WHAT!!?!?!? I know!!! TEAM BUBBA ROCKS!!!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that came and those that help get everything ready for it!
TEAM BUBBA loves all of you!!!!
Staurday was HARD.... it was down right hell.
We set up our Christmas stuff.
Regan let me get away with not putting up my fall decor but there was no way she would let me get away with not setting up for Christmas.... and I wouldn't do that to her.
Each box was a memory..... Hubs and I both kept breaking down over and over.
That night Regan wrote a letter to Santa asking for the usual stuff but the last night broke me....
"Santa please make my family happy."
I promised her that I was trying to be happy and that I would look for things every day to make us happy. :)
 Sunday I decided that we needed to do something good to get us in the Christmas HAPPY spirit.
So, Team Bubba went and delivered one of our checker board quilts {these awesome quilts come complete with checker pieces so that they can play while they are in bed. Nana designed them.} and a matching pillow case.
I want you all to see first hand that something as simple as a pillow case can truly brighten a child's day.
I want you, Team Bubba, to know that your small acts of kindness are doing GREAT things!!!
Our friend "K" has spina bifida and just had to endure another crummy surgery.
We knew that he needed some cheer!
I don't know who needed this Team Bubba trip more... him or me.
I needed to feel close to my sweet Bubba.
I needed to know that during the hardest moments you can feel happy.
THANK YOU for rocking this pillow case project!!
THANK YOU for remembering my boy!!!!
THANK YOU for giving me and my family a reason to be happy!
"By doing small acts of kindess we CAN do GREAT things!!"
We are going to be delivering the pillow cases to the hospital soon.
So, PLEASE get any pillow cases that you have finished to me.... times almost up y'all!
Contact me if you need my info.....


Tracy Jensen said...

Girl....I am just crying. What can we do to make that sweet girl of yours happy? I feel a mission coming on! I love you...and Kumaka has been playing checkers for days.

Anonymous said...

I hope you got my pillowcases. but, if you didn't, I can see that you will have PLENTY of other ones, that's for sure!

Mrs. Pam

Presley family said...

Mrs. Pam we did!! And we love them!!! Thank you!!!