Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Confessions of a Grief stricken Mama {part dos}

I’ve missed  you all…

have you missed me?

I took a week break simply because I was feeling kind of sad.

Ok, I take that back.

I was feeling super sad, tired, and just down right non inspirational.

So, rather than go on and on about how crummy I was feeling I thought I would take a break and wait for something wonderful to happen to tell y’all about.

I have so many blog posts started that I need to post but today I want to start on a funny note.

Remember my confession of a grief stricken Mama post???

Well, this one is right along those lines.

The other day a pipe in our kitchen burst.

 I know… right!?!?!  Grrr….

I feel like I should give a little back ground by letting you know that I don’t really care for our plumber. He is always late, rude, and well just kind of odd BUT since we rent we don’t have a say as to who comes into fix things in our home so I just deal.

So, I was at my computer in the living room editing pictures and rocking out to Sir Mix a lot  when all of the sudden the plumber came into the living room and stood next to me just staring.  At this point I removed my ear buds and asked him if there was a problem.   Plumber then looked down, cleared his throat and said…. “ummm… I saw your son’s funeral program on your fridge… umm…. I am so sorry…. Um…. Really sorry.” Then before I knew it plumber was awkwardly hugging me.  {Really!?!??!?! It took everything in me to not start laughing at how awkward and horrid the entire situation was.} THEN as if it couldn’t get any more uncomfortable his assistant comes in the room and with a puzzled look on his face asks if everything is ok? Who knows what was going through this poor kids head. Sheesh…  At this point plumber tells assistant {that is covered in tattoos and sweat} about my sweet Bubba at which point assistant felt the need to get in on the love fest. SERIOULSY!!

 If I haven’t painted enough of a visual for you let me ….

Here I was standing in my very own living room ALONE with two men, one of which annoys me, and the other new kid sweaty, uncomfortable, and coming into my home for the first time and hearing this super fun news.  One of them is holding me in the most WEIRD, uncomfortable embrace EVER and the other patting my shoulder and trying to get in on this OH SO tender moment.


At this point I started to laugh out loud. Nope, I am not even kidding you. I am sure they thought I was a heartless, cold mother but the reality of the situation hit me like a ton of bricks, as if watching the entire thing play out on a sitcom. At this point they looked at me with smiles and confused faces, no doubt wondering if I was losing my mind. Then if the entire situation couldn’t get any more awkward I started to laugh even harder because of the puzzled looks on their faces.


I tried to shrug it off with an “oh… I’m sorry I’m just not a real touchy feely kind of gal… so are y’all done in there.”


Then this is where it gets even better folks….. 

Plumber looked at me and said “ummm…. No … no were not.”

Yup, I was stuck in my home with this two guys that I had just laughed at!!!! ….for another couple hours. I was ready to run for the hills…. The beach….. Shoot anywhere!!!!!  I wanted to be anywhere other than my own home.

So, then I text my sister….

“Umm…. You know that awkward moment when your plumber comes in and hugs you because he sees your son’s funeral program.”

To which she replied…”OH, you have to share that one.”

So, I am hoping that by then end of this you are all laughing pretty hard at this one because well yeah, I mean seriously… seriously y’all how many people can say…  “you know that one time my plumber felt the compulsion to comfort me.”
I am trying laugh my way through my grief when I can.


Katie said...

Oh my gosh... you could write a sit-com episode with this one! A little laughter amongst the tears is always good medicine. xoxo btw.. hope to see you Friday!!

Christine said...

I find this terribly funny and terribly pathetic at the same time. He should have treated you with love and dignity from the beginning, not after he learned your circumstances. We ALL have "circumstances".

Although, maybe God sent him as your comic relief for the day;)

Anonymous said...

i think it was your tiny little laughter bubble blessing. :) im so glad it was given to you. maybe the plumber will learn to be kinder even when the circumstances dont call for it.

Anonymous said...

As I read this...all I could envision is a plumber bent-over-under-the-sink-with-his-butt-crack-showing!
Glad you can find humor in your days of sadness:)

Miss Sherill said...

Yes, I missed your post...and let's not forget that Bubba always saw the humor in the craziest of situations!!! Missed seeing you this week.

Susan said...

Sometimes learning of another's tragedy brings out the humanity in those who exhibit little of it in their normal daily lives. Bless you, Bubba, for inspiring some humanity in these two plumbers, and giving your mama the laugh she needed. I can't even begin to imagine the awkwardness.......but I can imagine the hilarity of it! I laughed out loud picturing it!