Sunday, November 25, 2012


A lot of you have been asking about my girl and it is long past due to have a post just about her.

Regan is a pretty amazing little girl.

Yes, of course I am partial BUT serisously... she is simply amazing.

I am amazed by her understanding of life, death, and enternal families.

I am in awe of her faith that she will see her Bubba again, period!

I am inspired by her love of life and determination to continue to live it happily.

Halloween was a hard one for all of us.

This has always been an over the top holiday that we can include Bubba in.

As tempting as it  was to simply skip the holiday all together, we decided against it.
Regan was Jasmine thanks to her Aunt Nancy that spoiled her on their last trip to Disney.

We met up with friends and went trick or treating!!

 Stanley was a hot dog and he had a who wore it best moment with another dog. ;)
We made it through another hard first with out our boy and the best part was that Regan was so happy to be enjoying some of the "normal" bits of life that we have always enjoyed as a family.
School has been hard for Regan this year. Regan has always been smart and that is not what she has struggled with, it is her classmates asking about her Bubba and his death. For the longest time Regan cried every morning before school not wanting to go. So, when things started to shift and she became more excited about school I could not have been happier!!!! She has been honored a couple of times this year. She is a very smart little girl.

I can't even tell you in words how grateful I am for her teacher.
We made sure to have her teachers changed after Bubba's death so that we could have Ms. F.
We knew that she would be the PERFECT person to help Regan through this difficult year.
Regan's soccer season is almost over and guess what y'all!!!!...
She scored her very first goal!!!!
I was screaming like a crazy woman and before I knew
it I had tears streaming down my face.
I was so proud of her in that moment.....
for sticking it out when she wanted to give up in the begining.
She inspires me so much!


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Susan said...

God blessed you with two children who had the most open hearts possible. Regan will lead you through your grief in a way that no other can. That she is beginning to have a more normal school existence is uplifting to all who care about her. I truly love the soccer pictures and I hope she continues with that sport. It's amazing how much parents can get into learning about and cheering for that—or any—sporting endeavor. I especially loved when my kids played soccer and now get to cheer as the grandkids play!
Prayers are for you to have a meaningful, loving Christmas season with lots of joy and compassion coming your way. You, Jason, and Regan are never without prayers on your behalf every day. I have great trust in Bubba watching over you, with pride.