Monday, March 12, 2012

{Sweet and Sour}

We have had more sours than I would want lately.

I think it is even more important to find...

To LOOK for...

To actively seek out...

the sweet moments when life is throwing so may sours you way.

Bubba has been sleeping a LOT.

The other day he woke up before noon and was doing pretty good.

So, we went on a lunch date and watched the busses go by.

This might not seem like much to most people but this was HUGE or us.

He was awake....




Friday night Regan and I got to sneak away for a date night.

We went and saw the movie The Lorax.

We were lucky enough to have Nana and Pa pa come with us.

It was such a cute movie!!!

It is a MUST see family movie!!!

On Saturday Regan got some cheer mail.

The first package was from my sweet little sister.

Aunt Karen sent Regan art supplies, a VERY sweet note, and a beautiful necklace.

The necklace read....

"I am always with you be brave have courage and love life"

So, now when she wears this special necklace she has a piece of her Aunt Karen with her. :)

Then she got a surprise piece of cheer mail.

A very sweet blog reader and virtual friend sent Regan a very sweet letter with a gift card to Disney.

Thank you Jodi for being so thoughtful and kind to my sweet girl!

After opening the mail she was very excited!!!

She was excited to share the news with Bubba.

I am so grtaeful for the sweet moments in my life!!

Now, I am off to take Bubba to yet another dr apt.

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