Friday, March 23, 2012

{Mana Mana}

Yesterday was a rough day for our sweet little Bubba.

 He slept, woke up to vomit, in pain, and more sleeping.

Last night was a hard one, we cuddled all night long.

This morning after getting Regan ready for school I went back to find this....

Stanley is NOT allowed in our bed and rarely even tries to get up there.

Bubba was hurting....

and Stanley was worried about him. :)

He managed to sit on his own today....
and  flirted with a pretty girl. :)

{More on why she came over later.}

Tonight after getting Bubba to fall asleep we went to lay him in bed and saw this.....

and inside was a BUNCH of notes to her Bubba.

She makes these sweet notes all of the time.

Oh, I LOVE her and her HUGE heart!!

After getting Bubba snuggled in bed it was time for a date.

Hubs and I made a date with Regan.

We put out the sofa bed....

made some Popcorn.....

got LOTS of cuddles....

and watched The Muppet Movie. :)

It was so nice to snuggle with Regan between the two of us and give her some special time.

She got to stay up WAY past her bed time and she loved it.

Mana Mana!!!

We LOVE the Muppets!!!

It was a perfect night.:)

Bubba has to go back to the hospital next week :( so we are enjoying every good day we get!!!


Amy - said...

I came across your site after you won an I Heart Faces challenge. After that first visit, I haven't been able to stop reading your stories. I love reading about your happy adventures and hurt when I read about your family hurting. I am thankful for the opportunity you give others to see into your life. You and your family are such an inspiration. I figured I would comment, so you knew that someone else is hoping for the best for your family.

Rachel said...

Glad to see some smiles. Praying for more. And good boy Stanley!

Karen said...

Dogs seems to have a "six sense" in knowing that someone needs them...even if it is to just lay next to them. Stanley you are a good boy to watch over your Bubba.
Hugs and prayers from Wisconsin