Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{Super Star}

Regan got to have a slumber party with Nana!
We love that Nana.
We got to the hospital nice and early and Bubba was HAPPY
to be there. I think he is on of the only kids that LOVES
going to the hospital. :) 
Bubba got to hang out with his good Buddy Mickey before the surgery.

and then before we knew it our Bubba was headed back. 
It took longer than expected so this Moma was a mess towards the end
BUT Bubba was a rockstar!!

They were able to place the line where they needed to and there were no problems with
his lungs like they were worried about. They did a quick xray to make sure the line was good... 
and then I got to snuggle my baby boy. 
Bubba did so good that we were able to go home!!!!...

with a few new battle scars.

and by the end of the day.... 
Yup, that BIG ol grin was back!
He is such a trooper.
Thank you for your prayers and love!


Rochelleht said...

WOW!!! I am SO happy to see that smile! What an amazing kiddo. SO glad it went well. You guys are all super stars.

Here's a fun idea for your next hospital stay/experience: Yesterday, during my volunteer shift at the children's hospital, I saw a group of people walking down the hall all with matching shirts. They all said, "Team David" and under that, they said in smaller letters, "Leukemia Warrior". SO COOL! And they were pushing the warrior in his wheelchair. I LOVED IT! Such sweet family support.

Susan said...

So glad to hear the procedure went well and Bubba is grinning again! He's awesome! Sounds like Regan had some special time too. Love the little ladybug suitcase!