Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break Fun {part 1}

We have had a blast this week!!!  I am not ready for the kids to go back to school on Monday. It feels like the week just flew by. Well, you know what they say... Time flies when you are having fun. Oh goodness, we have had tons of fun!!! Jason's sister came down from Utah with her family and we were able to spend the first part of the week with them. Prepare yourself for LOTS of pictures. I just can't help myself. Yes, I know... I have a problem. wink!
Collin just adored his cousin Gavin. He LOVED watching him play basketball.
It was a perfect day to fly a kite and.....
play some hoops!
On Monday when it was rainy we went to Chuck E Cheese and had a BLAST!!
On Tuesday Bubba had to go and see his doctors.
Regan met up with her cousins and Nana and Papa and they went
 and saw the dragon movie and had so much fun!!! Bubba and I had to miss out on it
BUT that is OK he isn't much of a movie guy anyways! wink!
Then on Wend. we went to the beach . Nana watched Bubba for me so that I could go and enjoy. It was so warm... a perfect beach kind of day. It was nice to just relax and watch the kids play. {I needed it.} The water was VERY cold and my brave little girl was the only one to get all wet! :)
OH! I forgot to mention the friends that I brought to the beach. Regan's sand toys were in the backyard by the garden. When we got all of the toys out and the kids started to play and we noticed a lady bug and then another one..... Yes.... we brought a TON of lady bugs with us to the beach.
After the beach we met up with Nana and got Bubba. Regan and her cousins decided that they wanted to get in the spa. Bubba got jealous and his good ol' Aunt Shawna went in with him. We proped up the spa cover to creat a shady spot for Bubba. He was thrilled!!!

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