Thursday, April 22, 2010


When you have brought up kids, there are memories you store directly in your tear ducts. ~Robert Brault

Today I had one of those moments with Collin. We woke up, took Regan to school, and then headed to the hospital for Collin's CT scan.  After checking Collin in we headed up to the second floor for his scan. The tech called us back and started talking to us about what would happen. She informed us that Bubba would have to stay still for a minute and a half. WHAT!?!?! When I made the appointment the girl said that they could strap him down on a board and that it would be OK if he cried or even moved a little bit. Well, I guess that is only true with CT scans of the brain not of the sinus. She then told me that he can not move or cry at all or else we will have to reschedule to do it with sedation. I started to panic... then I looked over at Jason and his was not happy. He told me that he just wanted to leave and not even try it. He was afraid that it would be a waste of time and money. I asked him to please trust me and let me give it a try. I picked Collin up and played a game with him and the machine. Then it came time to strap him down, remove his glasses, tape his sweet little head down, and start the scan. Jason had to leave the room because they would only allow one parent in the room. I prayed... oh, did I pray over and over. I kissed his sweet little head and told him that he could do it!!! I was right there with him talking to him {ok, yelling at him remember he is profoundly deaf and he had towels wrapped around his head. wink!} I also had his "friend" his DVD player right there. I am not sure if he could see it but... it was there. I had to hold his chin up to try to keep him still.

I stood there watching my little man and he was so brave. He had no way of understanding what was going on but he didn't cry. He stayed still the entire minute and a half. I think he had some of his angle friends comforting him. When the tech came in to tell me that we were done she saw the tears coming down my face and came to comfort me. I was not sad... I was PROUD. This was HUGE for him. After we got him off the table I kissed his sweet head over and over. I was so happy!!! When we walked out and saw Jason sitting there waiting I started doing my happy dance and jumping up and down. Jason could not believe it. It was a wonderful morning. What a blessing this simple little minute and half was in our lives. :)

There was nothing left to do but go and celebrate with a good dose of his favorite pain medication.... Disneyland.

We started off at build a bear so that Regan could get her free birthday friend!
She named her "Hoppy"

Collin was so excited to go on the "real" train for the first time.
I know... crazy a ride at Disney that he hasn't been on!

Thank you all for your sweet words but most of all for your prayers. The power of prayer is amazing!!!


Randi said...

tears, not of pain, but of joy. that's the best.

I'm going to miss seeing Collin, but I'm really grateful for your blog. I love keeping up with his progress and your family.

Prayers for all of you.

Kristin said...

That is awesome that he did so well!