Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Am I the only Mom out there that often times forgets to take time for myself? Ok, I have a feeling that I am not. Our job, as a mother, is very busy one. Every day there is something new to wash, mouths to feed, classes to volunteer in, crafts to be made, and memories to create. I LOVE it. There isn’t anything else in the world that I would rather be doing. Ever since I was a little girl and I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I would respond with “ a mommy” J The only problem that I can find with my job is that all to often I get so busy with doing things around the house and for everyone else that I forget to take time for myself. Well, I guess that isn’t a problem with my job but rather with me. Wink!

For my birthday this year I was spoiled!!! My best friend got me the beautiful camera I having been drooling over and a new lenses. My sister, Nancy, one of my very dearest friends got me and AMAZING birthday gift as well. She got me a plane ticket!!!! Yes, that is right folks she is flying me out to meet my new nephew that they adopted from China over Thanksgiving and my new little niece that she gave birth to just a month ago. I am so excited!!!!!

I am so grateful for her for doing this for me. She is in a way forcing me to take time for myself. I have been talking about going to Oklahoma to see them for a while BUT with everything that is going on with Bubba I am sure that I would have made a million excuses as to why I shouldn’t go. I have a hard time leaving Bubba, being away from him for more than a day. I know that he will be just fine and have a blast with his Daddy. I am sure that he will wear him out and I will come home to one tired Hubby.

This week has been filled with appointments with surgeons as we get ready for this next step in helping Bubba. When I get home I will walk right back into getting ready….appointments and a CT scan. As hard as it is to leave this could not have come at a better time. I need to take a minute to rest before what is ahead of us.

Ok, I am not sure how much relaxing I will be doing… I will be chasing my nephew around the house, playing with the MANY toys that I am bringing him, cuddling that sweet baby girl, watching them so their sweet Mommy and Daddy can go on a date night, taking pictures and learning tricks from my brother in law and laughing with my sister. (we always have a blast together and LAUGH!) My Mom, Dad, and sister, Michelle, will be coming to visit with us as well!!! All of my family lives in Oklahoma and Texas and it is so GREAT when I get to spend time with them. I have not been to Texas in five years and I haven’t been to Oklahoma in three years. This is a much needed trip!!!!!!

Oh friends, guess what!?!?! Regan get’s to come with me and she has no idea!!!! Tomorrow morning she will be getting on the airplane with me and get to meet her new cousins. I am not sure if I am going to tell her tonight or in the morning on the way to the airport. She has been so sad and even a little mad that I get to go and see the babies before her. Do I sound mean for not telling her despite her tears at night?? Wink! I didn’t tell her just in case…. Just in case something happened with Bubba and the trip couldn’t happen. I didn’t want her to be upset with her Bubba. OH, she is going to be sooooo EXCITED!!!

I am sure that I will have a million pictures when I get back but for now……

“I’m leaving on a jet plane…”


Charlotta-love said...

Have a blast. (I especially like the tag for this post.)


The Gray Family said...

good for you Julie have a great trip! And happy birthday :>)