Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Regan's birthday fun! {Take 1}

We love to celebrate over here!!!!! It is always more than one day. Regan's birthday fun started on Sunday with the family. She has always shared her special day with her PaPa at the family birthday party. These two are buddies and there birthdays are just days apart.

Then it was time for presents.... hey that's mine... no mine.... no mine!!!!
 Nana made Regan this special dress for her. Can you tell what her birthday party theme is going to be???
Then on Monday {her birthday} we had cupcakes with her school friends at the park. Her teacher doesn't allow cupcakes to be brought in. So, we decided to celebrate with her friends that she goes to the park with every day.

Then Regan came home to find that the "birthday fairy" had made a quick stop to drop off something for her!
Regan picked where we went for dinner. She wanted to go "some where were they will sing to me!!!!" She ended up deciding on Red Robin. Collin was so good the entire time and we all had so much fun!

Once we were done with dinner Daddy dropped Bubba and I off to start with his nightly meds and they headed out on an important birthday mission. She had one wish... a BIG one. It took LOTS of sweet talking from Daddy and Regan to talk me into it. Regan got her hamster. She was beyond excited!!!! She named him Elvis. :)

Today while putting together her gift from Nana and Papa I couldn't help but think that they must not like me much... wink! Boy, have you tried to put the mouse trap game together... it is a pain!!!!


Jennie said...

Lol, Caleb got that game for Christmas. Yeah, isn't it fun? Lol! Glad she had such a great birthday!!! Look at it this way, hamsters don't have a very long life span usually. :)

Charlotta-love said...

I love that she wanted to go somewhere where they would sing to her. Most people want to go places that DON'T sing to them. :o)

Enchanted Rose said...

She is such a beautiful young lady! I can't believe she is so big already. I miss you guys so much already! Good luck with the hampster ;)

Katie said...

We can't wait to celebrate with Regan! She is our favorite party girl!

Melinda said...

Happy Belated Birthday Regan!! :)

I LOVE her b'day shirt, where did you get that???

Oh btw - I have read your blog for a while now and you inspire me to be a better in all that I do. I absolutely love to read about your good and EVEN your bad days. You are one incredible person and Jason is lucky to have you! :)