Monday, January 25, 2010

Put your Armor on ...{FHE}

I Love Monday's. Regan will ask me "Mommy, is today Monday?" ...."Oh, what are we going to do for Family Home Evening?"

Tonight our lesson was about putting on the whole armor of God. {D&C 27: 15-18} I found some fun children's illustrations about our spiritual armor and real armor and the comparison. Then we discussed how each of these things would help and protect her in her life.

Then it was time to put on the real armor......
Can you tell she was just a little excited?? Oh, and don't you love the tinfoil on the rain boots.... hey, I had to improvise. wink!

Then we had an activity....
We took these balls {or temptations} and throw them at each other and we saw how our Armor protected us from....Bad words, lies, Stealing..etc.

Regan was READY.... bring it on!
Then it was Bubba's turn.
Daddy was the last one to suit up.....

and well, he needs to work on his defensive skills.
Regan's first throw managed to knock his helmet right off! wink!
I LOVE Mondays and our FHE nights together.What are your some of your favorite FHE ideas?? I am always looking for new ones. Oh, and if any of you wants to borrow this one just let me know... wink!

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Poppie said...

What a great idea and such fun! I am sure she will remember this for a long time!