Friday, January 1, 2010

My very own version of ten at ten......

12 things about Christmas!
I could go on and on about all of the wonderful things we got and show picture after picture BUT instead I will share some fun Christmas day facts. Yes, I realize that I have twelve and not ten so let's call it twelve at twelve... (let's all pretend it's midnight, OK.. wink)

1. My sweet little girl woke up at 2:30 in the morning!!! Yes, I am not even joking! Am I a bad mom because I refused to let her get up? Oh, don't worry even if she had tried to peek... we put up a child safety gate and chairs in the hallway "just in case".

2. Oh, Bubba... Yes, he did go to bed wearing matching pajama's like his sisters. You guessed it! He woke up in pain and vomiting. Don't worry with a quick change of PJ's, cuddles and some meds he was just fine. Ok, maybe not a "fun" Christmas fact BUT it is a fact. (I say vomit on here a lot don't I??)

3.Collin got a new DS for Christmas to replace the one he broke. He was beyond thrilled. Guess what... Yup, he has already broken the new one. DON'T WORRY though we got insurance on it! wink!

4.Regan got EVERYTHING that she asked for.... yes, I know spoiled much!

5. Isn't this the most creative Christmas wrapping you have ever seen!! Oh, my Uncle Bryan you out did yourself!

6.I think the adults liked the toys and games more than the kids did! wink!

7.Collin was excited to get an entire box filled with baby jar food... not even joking. They were ALL of his favorites! Way to go Uncle Bryan!

8.Yes, I think I had a Diet Coke in my hand the entire day.... I did mention what time Regan woke up didn't I??wink!

9.We found out that Pa Pa makes very good additional seating.

10. Regan told me at least 20 times "Mommy, this is the BEST Christmas EVER!!" Oh, she just melted my heart!

11. Collin made it through the entire day with out any seizures!!! I know that it was a gift that he was happy to receive!

12. And lastly, I know that you are all dying to find out what was in the Cops wrapping. Drum roll....... it was BLUE BALLS! Oh, come on! Your minds are in the gutter for heaven sakes! Blue racket balls...wink!

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Abbie said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog! Your family is so cute! Reading about your son makes me all weepy - what an amazing little man! Happy new year!