Thursday, January 7, 2010

and I wonder why I am so tired.....

Over the break we managed to stay busy in between all of the holiday parties and Christmas fun.
We went with some friends to the Aquarium.

As we were leaving the kids were treated to stuffed

animals by the fire fighters!! Too sweet!

We went to see my Mom and Coach....

and said good bye (tear) they are moving to Texas. :(

We took the kids to see another mouse (Disney was blacked out)

We saw Chuck E Cheese!

Collin LOVES this ride and would ride it five times in a row.

It was so fun to watch these two. At one point I

couldn't tell which one was the child! wink!

Align Center

We went to the Santa Ana zoo one day.

Nana was the brave one and went on this one with the kids!

and... one more trip to the Aquarium.

And I wonder why I am tired..... hmmm... I think I do it to myself!!!

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