Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It truly is the little things

This morning was so amazing. My two sweet children played together all morning. Regan was being VERY sweet to Collin and he was loving every second of it! They played kitchen and made gumballs in her room. Yes, I said gumballs???? Who knows. Then they played Mommy and Daddy. Her version of Mommy and Daddy was Mommy pushing the shopping cart around the house "shopping" and Daddy following her around. Too cute!!! Jason and I both kept calling each other into see what they were doing now. Like when I walked in the living room and Regan had her crayons and coloring book out and was hand over hand helping Collin color. It was such a heart warming feeling to see Collin "playing" with another child. More importantly playing with his sister. I don't think Collin had a clue what they were playing BUT he loved the attention that Regan was giving him. They both had the biggest smiles on their faces. It really is the little things that just make my heart smile!!!!

Now, I want to share with you what happened this evening. In no way do I want to take away from the sweet moments that they shared in the morning but Regan again touched our hearts tonight in a different way. Collin started having seizures and was in a lot of pain. It was so frustrating for us all after we had such a beautiful day. Regan said our family prayer tonight as she sat in my lap and Daddy was taking care of our sweet boy. In her precious prayer she said "Please help Bubba that he feels better tonight. Please help Bubba that he wont throw up or be sick so he can come to my birthday party." Jason and I both opened our eyes with tears. Regan's birthday is in 11 days away and she is already worrying about whether or not Collin will be sick that day. Last year on Regan's B-day it was VERY hot and we had it in our backyard. Collin had to stay inside with the AC the entire time and ending up having seizures. So, here is my sweet little baby girl already thinking about whether Collin can participate. She has such a HUGE heart. She makes me so proud in so many ways! She gives me strength to endure my blessings. I feel pretty darn blessed and am so grateful for the little things in my life!

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munyer jerk chicken said...

your kids are so adorable. thanks for sharing that easter advent idea. i've read that on a few friends' blogs this year - and i'm thankful for the idea! i'm going to try it next year. your pictures and posts are wonderful. thanks.