Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Regan!!!

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!!! Five years ago today we were blessed to have Regan come into our family! She is such a wonderful blessing in so many ways!! She truly completes our family and is such an important part of it. I am one lucky Mommy!!! Since Regan is turning 5 I will share 5 fun things about Regan.....

1. She is an amazing sister and is so kind to Collin. She will tell you that he is her best friend and that she will marry him some day... wink! (don't worry we don't live in the south any more. None of that will be going on here! wink!)

2. Regan LOVES anything fancy.... sun glasses, accessories, dresses, jewels, you name it she loves it!

3. Regan is very smart. She is a quick learner and she is also smart with her wit. She has some of the cutest and funniest things come out of her mouth at times.

4. When Regan grows up she wants to be an artist. She LOVES being crafty... drawing, painting, building things, or making stories. I will be the first in line to buy her first piece of art work some day!

5. Regan loves with her whole heart. She let's you know all of the time that she loves you. She is generous with her lovin' and she loves to cuddle.