Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt part II

I was able to go and be part of Collin's egg hunt at his school. Instead of packing his plastic eggs with jelly beans and chocolates. I filled them with sensory items. I made Sensory eggs!! What are sensory eggs you ask. Most of the kids in Collin's class are tube fed or have to have their food pureed. So, giving them a bunch of candy just doesn't make sense now does it. I made these fun eggs. In each egg there is something to do with one of their senses. A pretty flower to smell, feathers to touch, shiny diamonds to look at, play dough to squish in their fingers and more. You get the idea. Collin's teacher also had these wonderful eggs that beeped... I mean the BEEPED! We had people come out and wonder if an alarm was going off! wink! These eggs are for Children that are visually impaired. So, even if they can not see the eggs they can still find them.

I love any time that I get to spend with Collin's class. It puts things into perspective. All of the aids, teacher , and of course mommy took a child and raced out onto the playground. Most of these sweet kids are just happy that they can pick it up. It was so sweet to see them smile and react to the different things that they found.

Now, you might be wondering what was better. The Easter Egg hunt with friends at the park or with classmates on the playground. To that I respond.... you can't compare. How in the world could you compare!!! They are both so beautiful in such different ways. A child racing across the beautiful green grass and finding their first Easter egg and rushing to put it in their basket. A sweet little guy with drool coming down his face as he finally manages to get his hand around the egg to grasp it. A child's huge smile as they rip open their egg to find jelly beans and then hurry and shove them all in their mouth before their mommy sees them. A special little guy that finds so much joy in just being able to hear a sound like a LOUD beeping egg. Children sitting down together to count out their eggs and compare their victories! A class that gathers together at circle time after the hunt is done to take turns touching, smelling, listening, and looking at all of the fun treasures they found.

There is no comparison. They are both heart warming, breath taking, and treasured moments. I LOVE that I have two wonderful ways to look at the world! I LOVE how different and how very similar these two worlds are!!!


Zurmely family said...

I love it... And you know, a child's smile is a child's smile. No matter what handicaps may ail us all, there is no greater joy than a child's smile.

Michelle said...

This is perfectly Collin! What a precious find...give my sweetheart a kiss from his Aunt Michelle!

Marie said...

Your sensory eggs look fantastic. What a great idea! Looks like a fun time.

The Gray Family said...

what an amazing experience! I'm glad Collin's class was able to have a great time.