Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Advent day 4!

Yesterday Regan woke up and found her Advent Egg. The note read go on a picnic with Mommy and go on an Easter egg hunt with friends at the park. Regan and I showed up thirty minutes early to the park. Regan scouted out the entire park to find the "perfect" picnic spot. Once she located this ideal spot we laid out our blanket and ate our yummy subway. It is always lovely to have Regan all to myself. She always has such cute and witty things to say. We talked about Jesus as we sat there and gobbled up our sandwiches. I want her to remember that Easter is truly about Jesus. Even if I can only catch her attention for a minute I just want to remind her. When her friends started to show up at the park she could hardly contain her excitement! When it came time for the hunt a couple of us moms went and hid the eggs. Ok, we threw them on the grass... does that count as hiding? wink. It was a very fun time! For those of you that are wondering why Collin didn't participate. Well, he was at school. Don't feel sorry for him though. I went and did an egg hunt with him and his classmates today and will post about that soon.

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