Monday, October 8, 2012

{Utah} fun take 1

One Sunday evening at family dinner {yeah, we are totally like Blue Bloods over here} I told my sweet mother in law that I would love to go to General Conference this year. She responded with a “me too….why not!?!?!?”  And just like that a fun girl’s weekend getaway was planned.  We knew that it would have to be a VERY quick trip and I was so nervous about leaving Hubs behind, we haven’t been apart since Bubba’s passing, but I knew I needed some extra spiritual oomph my way.

{Yes, I said oomph. ;-)}

So, this past weekend I had the pleasure of sneaking away with two of my favorite girls…

Regan and Nana.

We left right after Regan got out of school on Thursday, stopped for the night in NV, and finished the drive Friday in time to be there when cousins got home from school. ;) We spent the afternoon and evening with Jason’s sister and her beautiful children and then Nana and I called it a night. Regan stayed to have a slumber party while Nana and I headed to the hotel.

  Early Saturday morning Nana and I woke up and headed to Salt Lake for the morning sessions of General Conference. We originally had seats WAY up in the balcony but got the hook up from President Monson’s secretary for seats up front and center. It was pretty awesome!!! Nana and I looked at each other and squealed each time a new rope was moved so that we could get even closer to the front!!! I really wanted to go to the Sunday morning session but because of our TIGHT time schedule it was impossible. I can’t believe that I was disappointed even for a second because the Saturday morning session was the perfect one for me. Seriously y’all!... it was like it was just for me. Elder Christensen’s talk on the Holy Ghost touched my heart. The words that spoke most to me of course were from Elder Bowen as he shared the loss of his sweet child and spoke to those parents that had also experienced the loss of a child. I cried the entire time thinking… how… how did he know that this is just what I needed to hear??
I can't even begin to tell you in words how much I love this woman!!!

{our super awesome hook up seats!}

After the session we met up with two sweet friends of mine. One is a dear sweet friend from High School. Oh, the pictures she brought with her! ;) There are not many fun memories from High School that do not include her.  Oh I love her!!! I was so excited to finally get my hands on her sweet little girl.
{I don't know why I make such cheesy faces when I smile.}

{isn't she just the cutest thing?!?!?}
The second friend that met up with us is a friend that I have never met in person, she is a blog friend. We found out that we both had boys the same age with disabilites and quickly became friends. She has been such a support and is so dear to me. Oh, how I love her!! I was so grateful to be able to finally meet in person!!

I can’t even begin to express in words how grateful I am for the blessings that I received this weekend by being able to witness and listen to words of our latter day prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, and his apostles and elders in the church. I am grateful for a loving and sweet Mother in law that saw a need in me and quickly found a way to make it come to be. I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has not once left me comfortless in my life. I am grateful for my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, that loves me so much, even enough to lay down his life for me. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost, the great comforter that has been my constant companion these past two months.  

I am grateful for a loving Husband who loves and supports me so much. He is truly my best friend and there is no way that I could have gotten through these dark months without him. While we were away Hubs went to visit our boy and was not prepared to walk up and find that his headstone had been placed. It was a very hard moment to face alone. After our return home we quickly went to see our boy and his new headstone. Nothing could have prepared me for that moment. It was so bitter sweet. I love his plaque and how it turned out but the vision of his sweet little name printed on the stone made it all that much more real. It brought back the feelings and emotions from the day of his funeral. It was hard. I broke down. I miss my boy so much it hurts my heart but I take comfort in the words that were spoken this weekend and the knowledge that my sweet little family is eternal. I know that one day, not nearly soon enough, I will be reunited with me healthy, happy, and perfect boy.  And until that day comes I will live each day of my life trying to make him proud of me.


Susan said...

I see your path taking you where you need to be, and see you meeting those you need to see and hear, and my heart is warmed by it.
Bubba's marker brought tears, but your words about your now "healthy, happy and perfect boy" and your eternal family brought comforting thoughts.
Prayers continue to be with you. May God's blessings visit you many times today.

The Gray Family said...

I am so glad you were able to go! I did think about you during several talks this conference, and what a blessing to be able to hear them in person :>)