Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Things that make me smile.... {instagram style}

I don't feel like many words tonight.

I am trying VERY hard to make sure that I find reasons to smile.

So, I thought I would do a quick update instagram style.

my sign that says...
find reasons to smile....
makes me smile.

a date night with my two favorites makes me smile.
every time i look at this necklace my sister
 had made for me makes me smile.
{i love you Karen!}
making pillow cases with my my mother in law for our
bubba pillow case project makes me smile.

spending time with great grandma jo and
watching regan smile makes me smile.

making new friends.....

and seeing old friends makes me smile.
{i had a chance to go to a super fun blog
confrence this weekend. thank you sarah.}
oh, they make my heart smile.
every time i look at this braclet that my sister had made makes me smile.
{thank you nancy}

the fact that my do is smarter than yours
makes me smile.

turning one of my favorite bow ties of
 bubba's into a head band makes me smile.
having my sweet boy with me at all times
makes me smile.

having ice cream for fhe makes me smile.

regan insisting on wearing her micheal jackson
 jacket in 100 degree weather because of "fashion" makes me smile.

the fact that we bought almost the exact same new frames....

makes me smile.
they say after you have been married a while you start to look a like...
we will celebrate 13 years of marriage in a few days. ;)

seeing bubba in the morning and then regan
 asking to see her bubba after school.
having bubba so close to us that we can be with
him any time we want makes me smile.

i was asked to teach a craft for a craft day and I am teaching...

how to make a bubba bow tie and that makes me smile.

a little girl playing soccer in a sun dress makes me smile.
girls night out and time with friends makes me smile.

my little cowboy fans make me smile.
my fortune in my cookie today makes me smile.
{i hope y'all are ready for the second coming
 becuase right now that is my fondest drea. ;)}

What made you smile this week??


Sarah Hull said...

Seeing you smile, made me smile. Love you sweet friend.

jenf7979 said...

The fact that I am reminded to find reasons to smile. I was not having a good day at all, and this reminded me to care about what really matters. Thanks for helping me smile.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as always. Thank you.

Susan said...

YOU made me smile. I smiled because you are trying so hard to seek the balance amidst the pain....and surely you are succeeding in finding some. Good job, Julie. (Specifically, the bow tie headband made me smile the biggest. It was SO Bubba that I couldn't help smiling like he did!)

rebecca said...

You are amazing. I've been thinking of you all. I have lots of fabric and wanted to come over and sew some pillow cases with you... I'm free Tuesdays from 9:30-12...Just want you to know you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

jneman said...

Seeing your post made me smile- it has been my 366 day project this year to post one thing each day that makes me smile.