Sunday, October 14, 2012

Need to be inspired???

I am in tears....

I am feeling blessed and overwhelmed by the love and service that TEAM BUBBA is showing.

Remember THIS post about the Team Bubba pillow case project for Miller Children's Hospital??

I thought that you might want to be inspired by Team Bubba in action.

Bubba's Poppie is going strong!!!

One of Bubba's "sick" friends {and brother and sister} paying it forward!

Bubba's classmate and her sister are showing their Team Bubba love!

Our wonderful Ms. Sherrie can't sew so she went shopping!!!!

Bubba's middle school friends showing their love!!!

Bubba's best buddy from school {oh, Bubba loved this boy!!!} showing his love for Bubba.
A Girl's Scout troop showing some Team Bubba love!!!

A girl's night out Team Bubba pillow case project night!!!!

Aunt Jen getting her sewing machine out and getting it done!!!

The YSA ward showing some love to Team Bubba!!
{with some help from Regan}
Nana and I have been sewing weekly!!

A friend and teacher from Bubba's first school showing support to Team Bubba!!!
So many sick children will be cheered up becuase of the kindness of these wonderful people!!!!
People that love and have been inspired by Bubba!
I have no doubt that Bubba is smiling down as he observes the power and insperation he was in so many lives and the need that they feel to pay it forward.
This Wed. Nana and I will be teaching the 8-11 year old girls from church how to sew pillow cases, no excuses ... if Regan can do it so can you! wink!!!
So, keep the pillow cases coming!!!
Oh, and the pictures too please!!!
We LOVE seeing Team Bubba in action!!!! 
By doing small acts of kindness we can do GREAT things!!!!


Anonymous said...

im so happy for you... and oh so excited for the awesome work being done through your little man. what a true inspiration. :)

But I Want Cake said...

Hi Julie, Tammy's cousin, Liz, here. I posted a link on my blog about Team Bubba. His smile is soo infectious! You have truly inspired me and I hope that I can help. I am so so very sorry for your loss.

EvaMarieva said...

Now that Mikes recital and graduation are all planned I set up the Buena Park Team Bubba night to sew pillowcases. SEW EXCITED ;) ! We will drop them off by the deadline!