Thursday, July 2, 2009

It all started becuase two people fell in love!

I can't believe that my baby is going to be nine years old on the fourth! It is so amazing for so many reasons. While I have been preparing for his birthday I keep thinking of what all we have gone through with him over the past nine years. It has been a roller coaster ride and it started from the very beginning.
Collin was the best wedding present that we received. Yes, thanks to the powers that be in Mexico we came home with more than just a souvenir cup. We came home not knowing that something was cookin' in my oven. I have to say though, that I was sick right away and it didn't take long to figure it out. We were so excited and scared all at the same time. My pregnancy was a whirl wind filled with vomit, vomit, and yes more vomit. I have vivid memories of showing a property and having to stop and run and throw up in a thrash can while the people stared in disgust. I figured if I was going to throw it up I would enjoy it and eat what ever I wanted. So, this meant lots of trips to Taco Surf and the Omelet Inn.

Despite all of the vomit things were going pretty good. Then it happened! I had the dreaded AFP test done. This (idiot) nurse called me, as if I were just another check on her to do list and said "Um your AFP test came back VERY high. So, we think your baby has downs syndrome. You need to come in for more testing." As soon as I hung up the phone I just fell to the ground. I had never expected to get a phone call like that. I called Jason and told him what happened. He knew that I was very upset, so he sent his parents over to comfort me. We went down stairs and ate at Jonny Rockets and they tried so hard to get my mind off of the phone call. I think it was more upsetting the way that the girl delivered the news than the actual news it self. When Jason got home him and his father gave me a very sweet blessing. After the blessing I was so comforted and truly felt that no matter what I was lucky to have this baby regardless of how "it" (didn't know the sex yet) came to me. I was at peace.
I had to go in for a special ultra sound and have an amnio done. To be honest it didn't even hurt that bad. I thought that Jason was going to pass out watching this HUGE needle go into my stomach. The technician told me that the ultrasound looked good and they would let me know as soon as the results came back from the amnio. It felt like FOREVER waiting for the test to come back. Then it happened, the phone rang and I was on the phone with a nurse, yet again, wondering if I was just the next lady on her check list. "Well, Mrs. Presley your baby looks perfect in every way! Your baby is healthy and does not have Downs. Would you like to know the sex? I can tell you 100% what you are having." I could not believe my ears my baby is perfect!!!!! I then asked her to tell me the sex and I was so excited to be having a healthy little boy. I called Jason and shared with him the good news. That night we went to celebrate by buying him his first pair of chucks.
By 26 weeks I was put on bed rest and was not doing so good. I was having to go into the hospital twice a week to get checked out. On July 3, 2000 at 32 weeks I went in for my typical check up. They told me that I would be having my baby that day and that I was experiencing the early stages of toxemia. I started calling everyone trying to get a hold of Jason. His brother had to go to his work and pick him up because we couldn't get him. Jason and I were both panicked. We were supposed to start our birthing classes that week. So, we were clueless!!!!! They had to induce me from nothing.... no fun let me tell you! I started having "issues" and was unable to have pain medication. The next morning July4, 2000 our beautiful little boy was born. He was bright red, tiny, and had to have breathing tubes put in. He was so tiny and was whisked away from us in a matter of a few minutes. Jason wasn't able to cut the cord, get to close, or even hold him. They did what they needed to do to fix me up and then I was put on watch because I had a seizure due to the toxemia. I was unable to walk but was so grateful that they took a Polaroid picture and sent it with Jason so that I could see my little man. Collin was a fighter from the very beginning. He pulled the breathing tube out himself and proved to the doctors that he could do it just find on his own. His strength has always been amazing. I was finally able to hold my baby in my arms five days latter. I didn't even notice all of the wires, tubes, and monitors hooked up to him. I will never forget that day. Jason walked in the room after getting off work to see me with his little boy. He broke down in tears and then rushed to get his hands on him.
That first year was very hard. He was in and out of the hospital so much, having one surgery after the next. They told us that he wouldn't make it to one and enjoy the time that we had with him. Well, good think Collin didn't hear them because he is going strong at 9!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS MY HERO!!!!!!!
You know, the second nurse was right. He is perfect in every way!!!!!


The Gray Family said...

I agree...he is perfect, and you and Jason are amazing parents! I am so glad you have been able to have so much time with him...I know there have been a lot of hard times, but her really is a special little guy. Here is to 9 more great years!

Charlotta-love said...

Aw shoot. Now I'm crying at work. Happy Birthday Bubba!

Uncle Bubba said...

You need to put a **warning** at the top of your post, not to read at work, might cause tears to form, and co-workers to look at you funny. I love you sis!!