Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday My Little Firecracker!!!!

Happy Birthday to my little firecracker!!! Tomorrow my sweet little boy turns nine years old! I just can't believe it! So, to celebrate this monumental day I thought I would share nine wonderful facts about Collin AKA Bubba. Happy Birthday Little Man!!! Here's to one more year of proving the doctors wrong and many more to come!!!!!!!!

Smile Like you Mean it!

1. Collin is not only my Hero but he
is many people's Hero!

2. Collin LOVES bubbles!

3. Collin LOVES Disney Land (big surprise!) but did you
know that he LOVES roller coasters? Space Mountain,
Big Thunder Mountain, and anything else he is tall enough for.
4. Collin LOVES to touch Jason and my face
while he is falling asleep. He has done this
since he was a baby.
5.Collin absolutely adores his sister.

6.Despite being in pain ALL of the time
he smiles through the pain! He touches everyone
with his smile, even random strangers.

7. Collin has a thing for doors. He LOVES to
open and shut, or should I say slam them. He also
LOVES turning the lights on and off.

8.Collin LOVES to be dunked under the water in the pool!
9. Collin has a great laugh. When he gets really excited
he will laugh so hard that he doesn't make a sound
and he just shakes. He even looses his breath at times.
It is the best!!!!


Kristi said...

Hey, that's how I laugh too! Happy Birthday little man! Hope it's wonderful in every way!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Collin! I hope you have a fun day today!

Mandy said...

Happy birthday Collin. That is funny about the doors, Caleb LOVES LOVES LOVES doors as well.

The "Street" Clairs said...

Happy 9th Birthday Collin! You are my hero and I hope you have a wonderful day and party celebrating how amazing you are!

Kyleen said...

Happy 9th Birthday, Collin! Hope you have a fabulous day. Much love sent your way!!

Lisa Leonard said...

collin--you radiate pure joy! we are sending you big birthday hugs. ps david loves to slam doors too!! xo

Marie said...

I had a hard time holding back the tears reading the last post and this one. I love reading about Collin, he is amazing! Happy 9th Birthday!

Maw and Paw said...

Happy Birthday Collin!!!! Your smile makes us all smile.