Thursday, July 30, 2009

e-mail: Just something I wrote.....

Just a little bit ago I received an e-mail from my big brother titled "Just something I wrote". I opened up the e-mail only to be completely delighted and blown away by this sweet poem that he wrote for Collin. He said that my sister and dad were surprised by how beautiful it was. I told him that I knew how talented he was from reading all of the love poems he wrote for his sweet wife:) I am very blessed to have such caring and talented people in my life. It was very thoughtful. So, with his permission I thought I would share it with all of you.

Written by Uncle Bubba
(for our little Bubba)

Independence was gained on the 4th day in the year of 2000
When Collin was the name given as I began my quest.
Bright was my skin tiny were my hands and feet
Big was the hospital where I had to remain
Huge was my heart pumping determination to those tiny digits
Resolve shown to all as breathing began

Initiated was the first step of my mighty quest
Confusion I used to keep the doctors attention high
Surgeries were often for such a valiant warrior as I.
Love infinitely provided by my family was my rock
Dates were given, dates passed, as my tenacity for life grows
Perfect smile and laughter shown as the time continues to mount
Hearts touched and lives changed accumulating more with each encounter

Support staff growing as my baby sister Regan arrived.
Training I share to speed the evolution of my best friend
Growth blessed my sister who now leads my way
Differences are noticed by all
Notice the differences she does not.
Handicapper is the term she uses when referring to her best friend
Candy striper is a duty she acquired as family deals with my quest
Love she grants creates mountains in my heart
Countless tears wiped away as my best friend sits by my side

Focus is what strangers do as they don’t understand my calling
Unusual are the questions my family has to endure
Odd are the reactions to the probes asked by those who don’t know
Touched is another life as my family shares stories of my quest
Gained is another comrade to help in my fight.

Willpower I will display as seizures come and go
Courage shown as I smile at other as others don’t return the same
Audacity displayed to enjoy the sounds of trams
Determination gained to finish this quest called life.


Olivia said...

That is simple beautiful! While I only know you through reading your blog, this poem brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing family you have!

Mandy said...

That was awesome!

Anonymous said...

How lucky am I to be married to this guy?
He sends text messages to me that could bring any woman to her knees, but it's rare that he does anything like this....the part about Regan being his best friend and comfort really yanks on my heart strings.
Way to go babe!

Zurmely family said...

that was amazing. i love the passage about regan. what a treasure he has given you.

Katie said...

aaahhh, what a sweet brother you have!

Charlotta-love said...

I'm getting teary-eyed. What a wonderful poem. :o)

Maw and Paw said...

It is wonderful to see all of the talents you kids are blessed with. We love it.

Poppie said...

Another writer in the family! I never knew Mark had such a wonderful gift! This poem is beautiful...and right on!