Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Special day with Special athletes!!

Friday night Collin was in a great deal of pain. We were up all night. It was a VERY long and VERY hard night. Saturday morning Jason and I were walking around as if our heads were half in the clouds. We had been talking all week long about the Special Olympics with Regan. When she woke up she was very excited that Saturday had arrived and was asking from the second she woke up "is it time to go yet?" Jason and I knew that no matter how tired we were we had to go and have some fun with our little family at the Special Olympics. We go every year and Regan has become quit fond of the day that we get to spend there with the other families. If you have not ever taken your family than make sure that you make an effort to go next year. You will be touched in so many ways. There are always so many touching moments.... watching a racer cross the line then go back for their friend, so many companies that come out and volunteer their time to hand out prizes at the games or water to the participants, or watching a basketball player that make a goal and you look over to see a tear in the mothers eye. There were so many moments that brought me to tears. It is so inspiring to see these amazing group of "special" people push their tired and limited bodies harder then they ever have, cheer for each other even when they are racing, and embrace each other in their victories. So much can be learned from this amazing group of people if you just take the time and open your heart.
We had lots of fun playing games!!!

After a little bit it was just to much for Collin.
He was still very tired from the night before.
We did see some friends....

Barbie told Regan that she LOVES her fashion!
Regan could not get over the fact that
"Barbie LOVES my fashion!!!!"
We needed to perk Bubba back up so we headed over
to his favorite event.... basketball!!!!

Did you see that shot!!!!!!

Then we ran into another friend....
the mascot from the Anaheim ducks.

I had to put these pictures in as well. When we got home Regan came into me just like this.She had put on her apron so that she would not mess up her fashion outfit. (Take a moment to look at her get up...alligator apron, rain boots, petti skirt, jewelry, hair bow, favorite shirt and hair bow.) Oh, I just LOVE this girl!!!! She won green slime at the carnival and could not wait to play with it!
It was a very fun day!


Randi said...

What a beautiful day. Let me know when the Special Olympics are next year. I'd like to go.

You have such a special family. I think Heavenly Father sent them to you because He knew you would be able to handle the challenges. And you do, admirably.

Love you!

Uncle Bubba said...

Love the outfit, and those big smiles. I love you sis.

The "Street" Clairs said...

That is a fun day. Is there a website? I knew they had special olympics but never know when and I would love to volunteer or even just attend.

Anonymous said...

Super cute pics! Love Collins smiles :D

Bet you're getting super excited about your sisters coming!! Cant wait to see all the pics and read all about that when it's over.

Michelle said...

What a fun day! I am so glad you were able to go...looks like you all made some sweet memories. :) Love you!

Amy said...

What a wonderful, special day! Looks like lots of fun! I'm glad that y'all were able to go. Tell Collin that Lily loves basketball too!