Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Crafty Tuesday.... Funky Monkey!!

Since my ribbon topiary went over so well I thought I would start Crafty Tuesday. Just a day to share what crafts I have been working on.

Brass Monkey that Funky Monkey! .....OK, what little girl in Southern Cali doesn't have a Paul Frank Monkey shirt, right???? I found this oh so fun, vintage sock monkey fabric and deiced to try something new for little miss Regan to wear with her favorite monkey shirt that Poppie got her.

Here's the fabric....

And here is the result! I think it turned out cute!!!

I have LOTS more of this fabric....hmmmm... what
will I make next????


Zurmely family said...


The Manwills said...

I like it!!

Alicia W. said...

My kids LOVES Monkey's and this adorable headband my daughter would LOVE LOVE! What a great idea.

Kristi said...

Oh my goodness that fabric was awesome!!! And you made such an awesome headband! I love Paul Frank, I have a Paul Frank iPhone cover! Regan is such a cutie! You could make pajama pants next!