Thursday, June 4, 2009

A day to do nothing....

I have been looking forward to today all week long. Why was I so excited you ask? Maybe she had awesome big plans you are thinking. Well, it was just the opposite. I was very much looking forward to a day of nothing! The past two weeks have been very scheduled with field trips, family fun, end of the school year things, and birthday parties. Today was going to be my first day in a while that I didn’t have to be any where or do anything. I was looking forward to waking up, jogging, and then coming home to clean and do laundry while catching up on DVR shows.

I am sure by this point with all of the build up you have figured out that my day of nothing obviously turned into “something”. I guess technically is started last night. Collin started getting a runny nose yesterday. No big deal right. Well, not so much when it comes to Collin. Collin caught a simple cold from a generous cousin and with his weakened immune system nothing is “simple”.

Collin woke up having a hard time breathing around 9:00pm. So, I had to start watching his breathing to make sure he was ok. We all tried to go to bed but then the pain and discomfort hit. Jason and I took turns getting up with him and taking him out into the living room. Here’s the thing though, even though one of us might be laying in bed and “getting a break” we still can’t sleep because we are just waiting to get called out into the living room to help with the next round of meds or help clean up vomit. Anyways, Jason and I got less than no sleep last night. My mom thought that I was crazy when I said that. “You can’t get less that nothing???” Well, in my mind I can. You see, I didn’t get any sleep to start off with then fighting, holding ,comforting, and taking care of Collin takes ever more away. Ere go less than no sleep… wink!

Collin woke up nice and early and decided that Mommy was his best friend in the world. This is nothing new though. When Collin is sick he is a MAJOR Momma’s boy. I could not leave the room with out him having a total break down. We spent most of the day just cuddling. If you know Collin then you know he is a VERY, VERY active little boy. So, the fact that he just wanted to cuddle Mommy let me know that this was a bad one.

So, tonight I am catching up on laundry as well as the newly added vomit laundry from his seizures, getting the buzzer out so that I can shave his head in the morning since his hair started falling out tonight, try to get this place cleaned up a little bit, and then the most important ……try to rest before what I am sure will be a long night again tonight.

Now, let me end with this…… I am GRATEFUL that my son came to me with his pain and discomfort. I am grateful that he knows that his mommy will love him and take care of him. I am grateful that he is such a strong little boy and is such an amazing example to so many. I am grateful for a sweet little girl that during our family prayers prayed the following….”please bless Bubba that he will feel better. Bless Bubba that he will sleep good and go to school. Please bless Bubba that he will feel better Tuesday “(not sure why Tuesday but it means something to her.) I am grateful that God gives me the strength to endure my blessings.


Brian and Kara said...

Hey Julie,

Sorry things are rough. I will definitely have you and Collin in our prayers tonight. Hang in there. What can I do for you? Anything? Let me know. :)

p.s. - you're looking good girl! I need to jump on your exercise train!

ray and brandie said...

now you are one multitasking momma! hope Collin is feeling better soon (for the both of you) I'll be thinking about ya!

The Manwills said...

so i take it a diet coke delivery is needed?

Michelle said...

Oh how I miss you, Jules. I miss Collin and Regan...I wish I could come see you guys! Until I can get there, please share a hug and kiss for me. You are such an amazing momma! Love you.

Amy said...

Sorry Collin had such a rough night. I hope he feels better soon so you can all get some much-needed rest.

Rebecca said...

Hi Julie, it's Rebecca again! :) You'll need to have Adobe Lightroom in order to use the presets... if you don't have it, you can download a 30 day trial from Adobe's website and try it out!