Saturday, March 5, 2011

this is what happens when................

Aunt Ju Ju and Regan babysit.

My seventeen year old nephew gave me the name Aunt Ju Ju.
Here we are many years later and all of my nieces and nephews still
 call me Aunt Ju Ju, even the seventeen year old! wink!
The day that they get to old to call me Ju Ju will be a sad day.
I don't know why but Aunt Julie just isn't the same. :)

The other night Regan and I got to babysit Mr. K and Ms. K!!!
We were so excited and what should be a calm
 night always turns into a party with us!
There were laundry basket rides. 
Bubbles + toliet = LOTS of fun! :) 
Bedtime stories 
Both arms covered in tattoos. 
And of course cuddles!!!!

Oh, I wish they didn't live in Oklahoma!!!
We could do this every week!!!!


Serline said...

Living apart makes the heart fonder... cherish these times together.

Rachel said...

Oh My Lord - the bubbles in the toilet had me giggling!

My sister is "Aunt Ju" - I had to do a double take when I saw your post!

And I'm "Aunt She-She" - which unfortunately means "to urinate" in Japanese and Hawaiian. But I wouldn't trade it for anything! hee hee!

Kristi said...

Just convince them that earthquakes in California are way better than tornadoes in Oklahoma! :) I want to play at your house!

Susan said...

OH.HOW.FUN! Is there anything so fun as playing with small children? Remembering the joy of the most simple pleasures?
Love the bubbles in the toilet! Never thought of doing that, but won't forget it now. (Probably a good way to get the toilet sparkling too...)

tangie said...

haha!! how PRECIOUS!! you are the best aunt ever :). my sisters live far away, too, and i can just hear all the giggles between cousins in your pics, & how much those are cherished!