Sunday, March 13, 2011

A party filled weekend........

Birthday parties and I have a love hate relationship.
I LOVE when sweet friends like this little guy insist on
 inviting Bubba to their birthday party because "he is my buddy."
I LOVE it even more when the Birthday 
 Party is at a "Bubba friendly" location.
Our favorite Red head boy decided to
 celebrate his 4th birthday at Chuck E Cheese.

Regan was excited to go and spend time with one of her BFF's!
We know that Bubba had fun becuase there was ...............
Skeet Ball!!!!
We had a BLAST ..... but when Bubba was done, he was DONE.
Thank you Thyssen for always thinking of your Buddy Bubba.
It means so much to his Mommy to know that he is loved so much!

The next day we had another birthday party to celebrate
 this sweet princess and her third birthday!
Regan LOVES this little sweetie so much and
LOVED it when she got the princess invite!
Thank you princess for including Regan!!!
She decided to go as Mulan.... {didn't get a picture}
This party was PERFECT for any little princess!!!
Crowns and braclets to make, face painting, and LOTS of fun!
Now my little prince Bubba was not as excited
about this party so we tried hard to entertain him............
when he wanted in the TINY little car Ce Ce put him in it...........
when he wanted in the swing I put him in it. He really did enjoy it...
PROMISE but it didn't last long seeing as how he is much to BIG for an infant swing.

He doesn't understand that he is a ten year old boy but he is my forever baby. :)

Ok, so this is where the hard part to birthday parties comes in. In no time Bubba was DONE. I pulled Regan to the side to have a talk with her letting her know that we might have to leave soon... BUT MOMMY!!!... we haven't done cake, presents, THERE IS A PINIATA!!!! My heart always breaks for her in these situations. {I had to go to both parties solo, Jason was at work.} Luckily I have AMAZING friends that are always there to help out when I ask. Regan was able to stay to the very end of the party because a sweet friend was willing to bring her home for me. I am so grateful when it goes that smoothly. It is not always that easy, and their are tears and a broken heart as we have to leave early. I am SOOOOO grateful for all of our wonderful friends and that they ALWYAS include my children in their fun celebrations!!

Sometimes I just wish that the party didn't have to end early.


Rachel said...

Thoughtful friends are the best kind.

They look like they had a wonderful time!

Katie said...

I'm pretty sure the presley's have NEVER missed an Andersen party.. and for that, it is WE that are blessed to have YOU as our friends. Love you!!!!