Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fun play dates!

Collin has had a good week. Not much sleeping at night BUT he has gone to school every day and has been feeling well. So, Regan and I took advantage of this by meeting up with some friends. On Mommy Monday we went and played at the mall! We met up with friends there and they were too cute together!

Then yesterday Regan and I had the opportunity to meet up with friends again after school. Regan is very sad that her buddy Eli is moving next week. So, we are tyring to squeeze in as much play time as we can with him before they move!!!

Thanks for playing with me Heather and Jess!!!
(Don't ask me what was going on
with my hair...I know I look crazy! wink
I had been volunteering at the kids
school all morning. )


Braden and Jodee said...

Mommy & Me Mall dates are the best! MMM :)

Kelly said...

Julie, I must say that you absolutely amaze me. I was reading through some past posts on your blog and am totally and completely in awe of you! You have the most amazing spirit and are so uplifting and motivating! I just love you! Big hugs from Texas!!!!

Kristi said...

Fun times, friends are the absolute best! Especially lunch dates with friends, haha! Glad you got to have a break and just hang out.