Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lazy sick days

Regan was sick most of the week. She had an unexplainable fever. At one point it got up to 103.4 No other major symptoms. She was obviously tired and had a head ache and didn't have much of an appetite. The first couple of days she just wanted to lay on the couch and have complete control over the television, a rare occurrence in our house. By the third day she was feeling better but when I took her temperature she was still at 101. When I told her that she needed to stay home again she said "Oh, yes another lazy sick day at home with mommy!" How could that not just melt your heart. Since Regan was feeling better we had to find things to fill our lazy sick day. Laying on the sofa just didn't seem to cut it at this point. So, this is how we spent our FUN lazy sick day together. It started off with a trip to Target in the stroller. Doesn't every mother take their sick kid to the store?? wink. No, really it was a beautiful day and she needed some fresh air and we needed to pick up some things. While there we had to get a new puzzle to pass some of our time latter in the day......

We also made Valentines Day crafts. We each made two crafts. On one we put our Valentines... Regan's Valentine is Bubba and of course we all know who my Valentine is. Then on another heart we wrote everything that we love. Here are some of the things we came up with....
Regan's List
Disney Land
Bubba/ Collin
Nana Papa
Poppie Coach
Paw Maw
Aunt Nancy (sorry no shout out Uncle Ray wink)
Chuck E Cheese
Gummy Bears
the color Pink
My play kitchen
roller skating
girl friends... (no boys!)
My teachers
ride my bike
french fries
all of my toys

Mommy's List
gummy bears
Disney Land
clean laundry
good days
Date night
my eye cream

So, then it was on to our dress up portion of the day. I will spare you the pictures that Regan insisted on taking of me dressed up. We then danced and had a ball!

Then the final thing to cure any little girl from an ailment. She received a package in the mail from her Poppie!

"Oh Mommy I just love it! How did she know that I needed a dress to make me feel better!" That's my girl!!!!


Jenny said...

What a fun sick day!! Next time I don't feel well, I'm coming to your house.

Kristin said...

What a good mommy you are, adn so creative with the crafts! Props! She has sucha cute little personality!

Grumpwurst (Ray) said...

You'd think Regan would remember me after all the requests for photo shoots during our Disneyland trip together...haha.

Maybe she just thought I was your group's personal photopass photographer..haha

It'll click one day. Tim's son, Billy, would never remember my name and then one day he just started talking about me all the time.

It's better to be forgotten than called the wrong name :)