Monday, September 10, 2007

Here are som pictures from Collin's first day of 2nd grade! He was very happy to be back!

Collin and Ms. Sandy! One of his aids!!

It's time to say good bye to mommy and Regan! :(

We had a very fun summer and had LOTS of visits from family! We had Poppie, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Ray, Aunt Karen, Aunt Michelle, and Mitchell!! WOW what a crazy summer! It went by pretty quick this year!:( Collin is doing great in his class. One of the other mothers and I are going to swap baby sitting days with our girls so that we can volunteer in their classroom a couple days a week.

Todnight Regan insisted on eating a warhead candy. This was the only picture that I got! It was pretty funny!

I have to share with your Regan's prayer tonight... It was pretty standard... thank you for mommy, daddy, bubba, thank you for my friends, thank you for Jesus, thank you for my body...(then this is where it get's good) thank you for my bootie. Jason and I were both tickled by this. I don't how many of the Toye girls that are that thankful for their booties! wink!

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Amy and family said...

I hope that school is going well for Collin! I can't believe he's in 2nd grade already! And I love Reagan's prayer--that was just too cute!