Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fun with Regan and Collin!

Here are some wonderful things that the kids are doing!

Regan is very excited about her ballet class starting tomorrow! You will all be invited to the nut cracker! That should be fun! wink!

Daddy and Regan on Buzz Light Year! Having fun at Disney Land!!

Regan and Brooke making cookies today!

Collin is doing great!!! Here is one of his great new accomplishments!! He is doing good at his self feeding!!! Mommy just has to do better at making him do it at home! wink!!

Collin and some buddies at school!!

Collin had a very good first half at his soccer game on Saturday!!!

Go Vipers!


Amy and family said...

It looks like Collin and Regan have been having lots of fun! That's wonderful! They are both growing up so fast!

Kimberly & Jordan said...

looks like the Presley house is always on the go! Glad everyone is doing well!

Kyleen said...

Hi Presley Family! I love the new blog. I haven't stopped by in a while. Glad everyone is doing well. :)

Christamae said...

Thanks for inviting me over. :) I love seeing your loving family adventures. I'm glad that you're having lots of fun times and hope they continue.