Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fall is here!!

A lot of the signs of fall are fast aprouching and boy it is great! We love cloudy days and low uv ratings, football, and Regan is allready talking about her Halloween costume!! wink!! Collin has also started back up with soccer. They are the Vipers this year! They are VIP on AYSO! GO VIPERS!! If anyone wants to go to a game they play every Sat. at Hill Middle School @ 9:30!

Collin and his buddy working on throw ins!

School is back in full swing and of course I have gotten wrapped up with it. This year I am not going to be as involved with the PTA and all of that. I got voted onto School site council. So, I will be dealing more with budgets from the state, title 1 money, and of course making sure that I speak up for a group of kids that don't have a voice!!!! Jamie and I have been trading off baby sitting so that we can volunteer in the kids class room two days a week. I take Brooke one day and volunteer one day and vice versa. They need an another aid badly in their class room. Ever since that whole no kid left behind act you have to have a stupid AA to change a dipaer! I mean come on!!!! So, getting aids in there is hard!!

Regan is loving her time with Brooke!!! We are also about to put her in a ballet class with Abby! They are both very excited about this! She is such an amazing child!! The other day I bought her a shirt that said "little sister" She asked me what it said. When I told her what it said she
refused to wear it! She said" no mommy I am a BIG sister!" She is so good with Collin!

Mommy and Regan having some fun at Chuk E Cheese! Regan kicked my bootie!!!

Watch out Collin is drivin'


Amy and family said...

It looks like y'all had a blast at Chuck E Cheese! My girls love to go there too.

mylittlesunbeams said...

Great! Glad to know that you have another place to post things. I have actually decided to start a blog, too. I always feel guilty posting about everybody else on Caden's website, especially if he's doing fine and there is nothing to post about him. I'll send you the link. Glad to hear you all are doing fine. We've been pretty busy with the new baby! Call me sometime so we can catch up!
Love, Jeanna- the Caldwell Crew

Kimberly & Jordan said...

I am glad that fall is here and hopefully it will be a little easier to do things! Hope all is well! xoxoxo