Monday, March 4, 2013

{Top Secret}

I LOVE service.

I love how rewarding it feels to serve and to be served.

I  have a list of characteristics that I hope my daughter learns and on the top of it is Service.

I hope that one day she has as a great of love for serving others as I do.

Our sweet family has been served so many times and so many ways by those around us.

I can't help but feel the need to pass it on.

Do you remember "my girls" ???

Well, it was time for them to serve some one new.

I wanted it to be fun......

For them and for the ones being served.

So, I recruited them to the secrect service...........
and given a very important mission.
{operation heart attack!}.......... shhhhhh............
This sweet friend of Bubba's......
has been having a hard time.
She was sent home from the hospital......
{with out being able to eat food... and having to
 be hooked up to feeds 24/7 like Bubba}
{no visitors because of her immune system}
{and well feeling pretty down int he dumps.}
So, what did operation Heart attack consist of you ask??
Well for starters we put our crafty hands to work..........

Then it was time to get our game faces on.....

and then it was GO TIME!!!
When we arrived at our target destination we ran into a problem.
The aboved mentioned target was pulling out of her drive way.
The girls all dropped to the floor of the car and hid {while laughing and screaming!}
THEN it was GO TIME.....


{Can you handle all of the super spy awesomeness!?!?!?}

A HUGE thank you to Ms. Sherrie {Bubba's old aid and our dear friend} who was a get away driver!
She loves Liz as much as we do and wanted to be part of operation Heart Attack.
On the way home we passed the police and the girls all screamed and ducked.....
didn't want to get BUSTED by the cops.
Some how we managed to stay under their radar. ;)
Mission: Heart Attack
Was a success!
It was touch and go in the begining but in the end it all came together! ;)
I'm not sharing this post to brag but rather as a simple reminder that...............
"By doing SMALL acts of kindness we CAN do GREAT things."
Ous mission was simple....
Make hearts.
Tape hearts onto forks.
Make cards.
Cheer some one up.
Pretty simple if you ask me.... I'm just sayin'
Before our mission the girls and I talked about secret {and not so secret} acts of service that we can all do on a daily basis.
*Smile at others.
*Hold the door open for others.
*Help those with chores.
*Take time to get to know the needs of those around us and see if we can help.
*Pick up trash.
*Make pillow cases. ;)
*Pray for those in need or our prayers.
So, I will end this post with a request.....
Please do an act of service for my friend Liz.
Please pray for her
 she NEEDS your prayers.
I truly believe that prayer is one of the simplest yet greatest acts of service we can do.
"By doing small acts of kindness we CAN do GREAT things!"

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Anonymous said...

You have such a kind spirit. I'm blessed just to read your blog as I'm sure each of these children is blessed to have you in their lives.