Friday, March 1, 2013

finding reasons to smile.....

Sometimes I still just want to stay in bed and cry.

Sometimes it's hard not to feel lost.

Sometimes I want to be angry.

Sometimes I want to be sad.

Sometimes I WANT to be happy and it just doesn't come.

Sometimes I have to remind myself to let laughter happen.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that it is OK to be happy.

Sometimes I smile.

Sometimes I have to STOP.....

Sometimes I have to STOP and look for reasons to smile.

My biggest reason for smilling each day is my sweet girl.

Oh, how I adore her.

She is stronger than any adult I know.

I admire her more than she will ever understand, words just aren't enough.

She is my reason to smile.

I haven't posted about my sweet girl in a while and it is LONG over due. ;)

{forgive me??}

I have to go WAY back to catch up on some of the fun we have had.

At the begining of the year Great Grandma Jo and I took Regan to American Girl Doll.

I don't know who was more excited!?!?! ;)

Regan was on happy girl to her her new Sage doll.
{Sometimes you can't help but want to spoil her since she so awesome!}
We finished up our visit to The Grove at the Farmers Market.
{Grandma Jo had never been and she has lived in CA all her life.}

Regan's first soccer season ended and she did so good!
I was proud of her and loved hearing her coaches tell her how
far she came from the first game and never playing soccer before.

She has asked to go and see her Bubba alot lately.
So, we have lots and lots of cuddles while we talk to Bubba.

Daddy/ Daughter Dance night at Church.
Aren't they just the cutest together!!?!?!?!?

They are my reason to smile. :)
We have played with friends!!

Regan has such a HUGE heart.
She helps with the special day classes every day and the teachers
always tell me how amazing she is with them. 
She doesn't feel sorry for them....
they are her friends.
{Oh, that big heart of hers!}
More cuddles while we visit Bubba.
{our visits with him seem to be the best time to get my cuddles in with her.}
We are fitting in lots of play time with Nana and Pa Pa
and she is loving it.... despite the look on her face in that one picture. ;)

I love this sweet girl of mine!!!
She is my reason to smile!
Everyone loves my little girl....
Shoot, the other day in class {while it was quite} a sweet boy told the teacher "I like Regan."
The teacher replied "Well, I like Regan too."
Then came "No... I LIKE LIKE her!" {with an eye brow wiggle and everything.}
All of her little girlfriends in her class ran up to me after school so excited to tell me abou it.
Still not sure how I feel abou that.... ;)

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Susan said...

Well, WE like her too.....and have for a very long time-- mainly because there is something so supernaturally sweet and compassionate about her. The divine inside her spreads to the world around her. Old beyond her years, tough beyond her tears, strong beyond her fears, precious to her peers....Regan is one of a kind. It's so wonderful that her mommy and daddy lovingly celebrate and openly appreciate how amazing she is.

Still here, still praying for your peace and healing....