Sunday, May 4, 2008

Party like a Rock Star!

Jason and I went to a rock band party last night. Mark and Kristina were our wonderful hosts! It was a blast!! Can you tell that Jason and I got into it just a little bit? Is it sad that I ended up being the only girl that got dressed up and it didn't bother me one bit!??! We can't wait until the next one! Here are some pics to enjoy... I don't know if I ended up getting everyone. Some people came later.. yada yada!

LULU has skills!!

Just because you have a newborn doesn't mean that you can't rock!

I am trying to master blue steel... what do you think?
(I learned all of my good poses from zoolander)

Brian got into it so much that his nostrils were flaring!wink!!



Christamae said...

It's great to see that everyone has had some fun times lately. I hope they continue...


Jordan & Kimberly said...

How fun! I love that you got all decked out for it!

Jordan & Kimberly said...

How fun! I love that you got all decked out for it!

Tawny said...

So fun... we went to a rock star party for New Years. It was so mcuh fun. I love your outfit! Too Cute!

Katie said...

cute pics! Where's the Hannah Montana wig??!!? :)
Yeah! Let's do Disney! Do you mean next week as in a week from now? If so, Monday is my best bet so far- how about you?

Eva & Mike said...

you two look awesome!

Amy and family said...

Looks like fun!!!

The Gray Family said...

what a fun night! Glad you had fun...awesome outfit! I love the post about Collin too...what an amazing little guy!