Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fun day!

I don't ever update this often BUT today was a fun day. Collin was not in to much pain so we were able to have some fun. We decided to go for a ride around our neighborhood. The UV was low and it was perfect. The pictures are just to cute to not put up here. I love how professional Regan looks. Collin was just happy to be OUT!

We even had to make a stop so that Regan could give kitty a snack!

When we got back from our ride we were excited to see Kara and little baby Addi waiting! Kara asked me to make Addi's hair bow for her blessing this Sunday. She was dropping off ribbon she wanted it made out of. So, of course I had to have a little treat for sweet Addi. She looked so cute in her new hair bow. This is a new style that I have been making and LOVE. She was smiling and ton and then as soon as I pulled out my camera she stopped BUT I did get some good pictures of her. Isn't she just the sweetest thing!! Brian and Kara have a beautiful baby!


Jordan & Kimberly said...

Regan does look pretty bike/safety savvy. Glad you had a fun day. Wish you lived closer so we could make bows together!

Brian & Kara said...

Collin looks so happy. I'm glad we caught you at the end of your walk. Those pix of Addie are too cute. Do you use photoshop for the black & white effect? When you give me my bow making lesson, you are also going to have to show me how to do the them with the splash of color! Love the pix!

Mandy said...

It did look like a nice day outside, we have been having snow on and off today :( we are ready for some sun around here. And yes we live by west Jordan, we live in Sandy which is about 15-20 minutes away!! If you end up coming let me know and maybe we can get together sometime.

Titel Troop said...

It has been nice weather latley. The kids have been able to swim at Grandma's house quite a bit already. Glad you had a fun day! The hair bow is so adorable! Wish I had a little one to dress up with bows and ruffles agian. Man they grow to quickly don't they!