Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Regan's Dress Rehersal for the Nut Cracker

Tonight Regan had her dress rehearsal for her Nut Cracker performance next week. It was so much fun to see Lots of sweet 3-4 year old little girls running around with their tutus on excited as can be! The older girls were very serious and were so cute as they showed the little girls what to do! I had to take Collin with me since Jason was still at work and I never know how he is going to act. He won the Big Brother of the year award tonight! He was on his best behavior and was sweet as can be!!! I was very proud of both of them!!! Here are some fun pictures of our prima ballerina!

Here is a video of Regan's solo in the Sugar plum fairy part... she is so cute!!!

Nana and PaPa came to watch since PaPa will be gone next week!!

My sweet little boy!!! What a GREAT BIG brother!!!

Regan and Her BFF Abby!!

Even after a class in the morning and a dress rehearsal at night these girls still had smiles and endless energy!


Jim & Allison said...

Wow, look at that turn! Beautiful dancing Regan!You will be great next week!I just love that ballet.

Amy & Kyle said...

I'm dying over the cutest little dancing darlings ever!!! Too cute Julie!

I'm so glad I finally got into your blog! I couldn't get in from your comments so I found you on Allison's blog as her friend!

I'm so glad to finally see your pics!

arroyo fam said...

Julie, Regan's going to steal the show with that tutu of hers! = )
So glad the girls could do it together. It'll be fun to look back at these pics in 15 years!

Kyleen said...

Such cuteness! Great job Regan!

Amy and family said...

Regan looks absolutely adorable! And Collin is such a wonderful big brother! I'm glad that the rehearsal went well!